As a furniture refinishing “expert” after over 25 years serving Port Hope, Cobourg, and Northumberland in the fine furniture refinishing and wood refinishing business, this is the one question I have been asked most often—especially by new clients! When looking at a vintage piece of furniture, a mantelpiece, kitchen cabinetry, or stairway, people often see only the wear and tear accumulated over time and hard use and wonder if they should just paint or replace the item. My solution is always wood refinishing! (see some examples)

Most vintage or antique furniture, as well as architectural items, including kitchen cupboards, are well constructed, having been built by skilled cabinetmakers using beautiful solid, early-growth woods—so I say furniture refinishing is always the best option! A piece may look dirty, dingy and in need of repair, stripping, and refinishing, but with a little care and attention (that I’m most willing to provide), the piece will take on a renewed beauty and proudly serve for many more years. And not just furniture—if you own a piano or wooden boat, I can help, with a variety of spray finishes that include the latest environmentally-friendly, water-based coatings.

I use only the finest refinishing products from companies like Goudey as well as others sourced through Paul Smith at Colour Concepts. Our clients are often just amazed at the results and are really thrilled that, after refinishing, all of their wooden items can once again take a place of prominence in their home.

If you have a piece of furniture or a wooden element that’s part of your home, like a stairway or mantlepiece, that needs a new lease on life please Contact me for a refinishing estimate.

What’s That Wood?





Furniture refinishing — oak sample


Furniture refinishing — cherry sample